A big part of my world is indie publishing. I indie published my first book in December 2011, Spy Skills for Girls, which has sold over 8,000 copies. I’ve now updated it for 2021 by adding illustrations, more secret codes, and updated disguises. I’ve also published the Tri-City Mysteries, a chapter book series that feature Caitlyn, her best-friend Jamie, and her dog Buster, involve art and artists, and are set in real-life locations in British Columbia, Canada.

While working on my own projects, I’ve awakened my love of writing, book design, and shepherding books through the development and production process. It’s fun and rewarding, and I have a talent for it. And so, I’m now opening up my time to work with clients who are indie publishing their own projects.

Book design

My approach

Each book is unique. I will work with you to materialize the vision you have for your book, using professional design apps like Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Acrobat. I have very high standards for visual design, and will ensure that I’m bringing that expertise and quality to your book.

I will work on all book types, from simple text, to text with spot illustrations, to fully illustrated such as art books or children’s picture books. I’ll then convert to ePub for your eBook versions. Or, you can request only ePub.

This is a custom approach to your book – I will not be using automated tools.

You provide: text, illustration and cover art

You will get: design services, consultation and coaching, print-ready PDF, and ePub files.

Book coaching

My approach

My background in communications has given me the skills to develop strategy and campaign plans, manage projects, mentor, design, write, edit and ultimately ensure that the final product meets expectations for quality, budget and deadlines.

If you need help navigating the process of writing, editing, designing and publishing your book, I will work with you to provide coaching support as well as hands-on assistance to help you reach your publishing goals, which can include:

  • developmental and stylistic editing
  • book design
  • illustration advisory
  • indie publishing platforms uploads
  • performance tracking

This coaching isn’t limited to books – I also provide author business coaching, which includes business planning, branding and marketing.