Mystery of the Zombie Bear

The Tri-City Mysteries are fun, action-packed and easy-to-read chapter books for beginning readers. Each page-turning story includes a twist that involves art and artists. The mysteries are set in a real-life location in British Columbia, Canada.

In the 3rd book, Mystery of the Zombie Bear, Caitlyn and her dog Buster get spooked during the annual salmon spawning in October. Halloween is approaching and a huge creature is lurking near the local creek. Is it a bear? Or could Jamie be right that it’s a zombie planning a Halloween night attack? Caitlyn, Jamie and Buster follow the smelly, misty trail.

Creator/Writer: Carmen Wright

Cover art: Carmen Wright

Chapter heading sketches: Jessica Wright

Book design: Carmen Wright

Publisher: Bright Green Books

Published: June 2022

Buy now! Available as eBook or paperback or hardcover through Amazon. More buying options will be available Fall 2022.

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